So, after a lot of tweaking, I got a very optmized kernel configuration for my eee-pc 1000HA, which runs on Gentoo. However, considering that the linux kernel is just a part of a whole distro, it doesn’t matter if you are running another distro instead of Gentoo.

By the way, this kernel config may also works to the EEE-PC 901.

So, where’s the beef?  Here it is:

Download–>   eeepc1000ha_kernel

The config file above has been tested for the 2.6.28 kernel release.

Please, if you have found something to improve (features to add or to remove) into this kernel config,  please share your thoughts. Together, we can build it better! 🙂

Unfortunately the kernel driver ath5k (wireless) will not work with atheros chip 5007 (which is the one who comes into the 1000HA), so for this time you’ll need the madwifi driver:

At the moment I’m still testing this driver and will be posting here some instructions when I get it working properly.