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FreeBSD ports – make arguments

Here I list some arguments very useful for the FreeBSD ports.

  • config – Opens up the package’s configuration dialog to turn options on or off.
  • config-recursive – Same as “config,” but also shows dialogs for package’s dependencies.
  • rmconfig – Removes user-specified configuration settings.
  • rmconfig-recursive – Same as “rmconfig” but removes settings for dependencies as well.
  • clean – Removes compiled work files, but not the installed files or downloaded source code.
  • distclean – Removes downloaded source code and work files for the package and its dependencies.
  • install – Installs the package once compiled.
  • deinstall – Removes a package from the system, akin to “pkg_delete.”
  • deinstall-all – Same as “deinstall,” but removes the package’s dependencies too.
  • reinstall – Used to upgrade a Port that first had to be removed with “deinstall”.

Usage example:

# cd /usr/ports/net-p2p/transmission

# make config-recursive

# make install distclean




Dovecot migration error

We migrated IMAP servers at work and for some reason I was the only one that was affected by a small problem. I couldn’t get my email! The error that would show in the maillog was:

dovecot: IMAP(user): FETCH for mailbox INBOX UID 176705 failed to read message input: Is a directory
dovecot: IMAP(user): Disconnected: BUG: Unknown internal error bytes=473/4475

After looking at several things I eventually saw that my cur directory had some subdirecties named like emails. They were empty, so I went ahead and deleted it and that fixed it!

Just thought I’d let other people know since it’s one of those things that Googling didn’t really give any answers. (Imagine that!)