Here I list some arguments very useful for the FreeBSD ports.

  • config – Opens up the package’s configuration dialog to turn options on or off.
  • config-recursive – Same as “config,” but also shows dialogs for package’s dependencies.
  • rmconfig – Removes user-specified configuration settings.
  • rmconfig-recursive – Same as “rmconfig” but removes settings for dependencies as well.
  • clean – Removes compiled work files, but not the installed files or downloaded source code.
  • distclean – Removes downloaded source code and work files for the package and its dependencies.
  • install – Installs the package once compiled.
  • deinstall – Removes a package from the system, akin to “pkg_delete.”
  • deinstall-all – Same as “deinstall,” but removes the package’s dependencies too.
  • reinstall – Used to upgrade a Port that first had to be removed with “deinstall”.

Usage example:

# cd /usr/ports/net-p2p/transmission

# make config-recursive

# make install distclean