Maybe most of you know about it, but I think it would be nice to mention something about this tool anyway.

For example, when you are in a remote box through SSH (or telnet, etc) , you may want to download a big file from another remote location using wget, but for any reason you cannot stay connected until the download gets finished, so you can use the “nohup” command to keep track of this situation.

All the output will be written to a specified file (torrent.out in our example), if you don’t specify it, then it will gonna be named as “nohup.out”.

Usage example:

#nohup transmissioncli stuff.torrent > torrent.out  &

You can still watch the output in real time using the following command:

#tail -f torrent.out

When you think you got enough of it, just “ctrl c” and disconnected from the remote server. Then tomorrow you can connect again and check your process status output again using “tail -f torent.out” again.

Very useful, eh?! 😉


#man nohup